Some coding :) 21/3/17


Memory 12/10/16

RAM: The program has to be loaded from the main memory to be executed, it acts as a temporary storage, it stores part parts of the OS and data that’s currently being used, when the computer is turned of all of the data is erased.

ROM: The ROM is a special memory chip that can store data even without power, it’s not volatile, it is used by a computer to store the boot sequence instructions everything the computer needs to boot up and load the OS.

The CPU14/9/16

The CPU is defined as the combination of hardware, software, user and data. The elements of a computer system, CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.


Metadata 4/1/17

Metadata is data about data. It’s information other than image data is stored with a file. This includes: Colour depth in bits per pixel, Resolution, height and width in pixel, date creator and the author of the file itself. Each pixel is represented in binary and the number of bits per pixel determines the number of available colours for an image.


In this lesson we learnt about sound. Analogue sound is pure and of perfect quality, e.g. listening to a singer (without a mic) at a concert is real, the quality is pure. any computer recorded sound is not pure, not real and not perfect quality,This is beacause sound has been digitised, it has sampled at set intervals.


ON THE 4TH OF JANUARY 2017, we were learning about images.

8 bits = 256 colours

16 bits = 65,536 colours

24 bits = 16,777,316

Each pixel is a singular colour and is assigned a binary value for example 1100 0000 could be red. Resolution is a concentration of pixels within a specific area. The area is defined by the image width and height in pixels e.g 3264×2448

72 dpi = screen resolution 1=black 0=White

ASCII and Unicode

Today we learnt about ASCII an Unicode.

The English language requires the numbers of codes, letters of the alphabet =26

Numeric number=10

punctuation, symbols and space= 33

32 codes reserved

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange