On the 30th of November we learnt about hexadecimal, it is a base 16 number, 16 symbols to represent number 0-9 And A-F   Corvert 163 into hexadecimal, write in binary, 10100011 the split into 2 4 bit nibbles

8421   8421

1010   0011

this creates A3

8+2 = 10 and 10 in the number is A

2+1 =3

While Loops :-)

While Loops :-)

During the last 2-3 lessons we have been learning about while loops. While loops are a finite, this means the program re runs itself until a certain number or variable is reached. we have been learning this by completing worksheet provided for us. One of the sheets told use to write a program telling us to reset our password and confirm it, but until the same password was typed in the program would not allow you to reset your password.

For loops Week 3

In todays lesson we learned about for loops and their differences with while loops, while loops are infinite which means it goes on for ever. Whereas for loops are finite which means it keeps going until it reaches its goal.

The image at the bottom right was my most challenging one to do, it made us create two variables of which one of them created the number of astrixes on a line and the other number creates the amount of rows needed to house the number of astrixes.

Pseudo code

This lesson we learnt about pseudo code and that it is half code, half English, it has no real syntax and it would not run on python 3.3. It is also useful for planning algorithms. We also were finding errors in a program, on a Tax Calculator and a Season Finder, some of the errors included: extra brackets, missing colons, spaces and missing equals signs.